Educating Students in Law

Introduction - who we are, what our program entails, examining the judicial process and the different responsibilities it has. White or Blue collared crime. For example: Police, Lawyer and Judge. Previous to arriving at the school we will present the faculty and students with a specific type of crime. Have the officiants: policeman, judges and lawyer give a brief synopsis of what they do and where they work. No more than 1-2 mins.

Scenario Setup - explaining the crime, including students from the crowd, and each professional’s role in the process.

Panel - will include the policeman, lawyer, or judge. Or from a different perspective have a judge and a congressman discuss the creation of laws and/or policy.

Scenario - will be presented and students will be asked by the narrator to identify the different processes

Q&A - Students will have an opportunity to ask questions with regards to details of crime and the processes of the judicial system.

This program needs to be scheduled 3 weeks in advanced.