The "Golden Ticket" program has been created to reward students for the good work they do in the class room. Once a month two students are selected by their classroom teacher and are rewarded the "Golden Ticket" along with a Certificate of  Acheivement. Depending on the school’s needs, these incentives are used to reward appropriate behaviors that support the schools expectations.

The concept



•   A system of rewards that helps with the school and student needs.

•   Rewards are available at a variety of levels (behavior, academic, etc.)

•   Rewards are linked to expectations.

•   Rewards are varied to maintain student interest.

•   This concept helps with reinforcement.

Other benefits to having this program:

• Students will work hard to participate in the reward program.

• Creates better communication between staff and students.

• Helps to reinforce the bond between children and their parents.


As the school moves from punitive to positive disciplinary techniques it is important to consider incentives for students making the right choices.

Golden Ticket Incentive Program

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