Helping Hands is an annual event that takes place on the secound Sunday in November. In 2009 S.P.E.A.K. held its first community service project to help the homeless and less fortunate. This was created to allow students to not only acquire community hours but to also help them understand just how hard life can be. The world of homelessness can seem pretty far from ours but, it is a lot closer then we think. The loss of a job, death of a spouse, being a child with a severe physical disability, can be reasons  for being  or becoming homeless. We have provided our youth with an experience of a lifetime. With the help of our staff we have created a safe environment where our teen volunteers have direct interaction with the homeless. It is our goal that through community service projects like this children will see that being homeless could happen to anyone.

Helping Hands 


Our First Community  Service Project

Helping Hands 2017


Helping Hands Community  Service Project


Helping Hands Community  Service Project


Helping Hands Community  Service Project


Helping Hands Community  Service Project


Helping Hands Community  Service Project

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