Sponsor a Child Today

By sponsoring a child you are giving them an experience of a lifetime!  

Your tax-deductible contribution of $97 will give 2 children an experience of a lifetime. Students enrolled in this program will be 

given a tour of the facilities including, but not limited to airport operations. During the tour, students will learn about various types of aircraft and will be given a basic walkthrough on how a plane works. This program also gives youth ages 8–17 a chance to experience their first free ride in an airplane which is an opportunity that many of our youth do not have. We are truly excited to have partnered with Legacy Aviation, who has generously given their time and efforts to offer young adults an opportunity to learn about what it takes to become an airplane pilot. Our belief is that even if they are not seeking a career in aviation this is still an invaluable experience that could tremendously influence their life.

Unification Family Church of Philadelphia & Learning Center