SPEAK's Aviation Program

What Child Doesn't Want to Learn How to Fly?

The Speak organization has partnered with Legacy Aviation to offer young adults an opportunity to learn what it takes to become an airplane pilot. Legacy Aviation is a full-service aviation company located at the Northeast Airport at: 9800 Ashton Road Philadelphia, PA 19114. Their Chief Pilot Instructor has been training pilots for over 39 years and counting. 

This program gives youth ages 8–17 their first free ride in an airplane. Participants enrolled in this program will be given a tour of the facilities including, but not limited to the airplane hangar and Flight Tower Control. During the tour, participants will learn about various aircraft types such as the Piper Warrior, Cessna 172 and the Grumman Tiger.


Legacy Aviation's Young Pilot Program is both captivating and immersive and may even inspire students to discover new career interests. Students can start flying solo as early as 16 years of age, have the potential to become a Private Pilot by the age of 17, and even become a Flight Instructor by age 18. By the age of 21, a student could be equipped to pursue a career in aviation!

This is a great starting point for young adults with aspirations to become an airplane pilot and although students are encouraged to start at an early age, lessons are available for almost anyone with a passion to soar the skies. This is NOT an impossible dream, and with scholarship opportunities available, lessons are not as expensive as you may think! We highly encourage parents to speak to the school counselor to find out what scholarship opportunities may be available.  

For information on how to enroll, call SPEAK at (215)-768-9997 or email at: phillyspeak2@gmail.com


Parents and students can take advantage of scholarship opportunities that may potentially help a dream become reality. Below are scholarships that we have found that could help offset the cost if you are interested in obtaining their pilots license or certification.  Students may even qualify for more than one scholarship. See below for additional details.

Aero Club of Pennsylvania

For Delaware Valley Pilots, Aero Club Members and Aviation Enthusiasts.


EAA The Spirt of Aviation 

From introductory flights and educational camps to financial aid and internship opportunities, EAA empowers young people with resources to become a part of the next generation of aviators.


Aviation Council of Pennsylvania Scholarship Program

Sponsored by the Aviation Council of Pennsylvania, awards for Pennsylvania residents are available in the following categories: Aviation Technology, Aviation Management, and Aviation Pilot.


We are on the lookout for more scholarship programs check back again.